Energy saving is a journey

Start big or small, but start smart.
We want to empower you to make the best decisions for your home and budget.
We know energy. You know your home. Let us help you work out where to start?

Hot Water

 Changing to solar hot water / heat pump will remove the biggest portion of the electricity cost in most households.

Payback 3-5 years

, 30%

Useful Life 10-15 years

, 60%

LED Lights

Many lights in living areas? You will save far more than you think by changing to LED.

Payback 1-2 years

, 15%

Useful Life 3-5 years

, 25%


Fix a portion of your electricity cost at below todays price for 25 years or more

Payback 6-9 years

, 50%

Useful Life 20-25 years

, 100%


Air-conditioning and refrigeration are very power hungry. Small improvements in efficiency can make major savings.

Payback – Maximises Payback

, 0%

Useful Life – Extends Useful Life

, 100%

How much can I save?

Use our savings calculator to see how much you could save by simply reducing your hot water and lights

Your Current Bill
100% Complete
100% Complete
100% Complete
Your Future Bill
25% Complete
16% Complete
100% Complete

Graph above based on R ... / kWh (unit) of electricity (Cape Town Council rates)

to view our calculator assumptions


Our Solutions

Learn all you need to know to make an informed decision.

Hot Water

In most cases you can use your existing geyser?
Upgrade to solar when your geyser bursts.

LED Lights

Focus on living and high use areas
Downlights use lots of electricity as there are usually many of them


Reduce your bill further by using the sun to generate some of your electricity.


Annual servicing is essential to ensure that you minimise maintenance and running costs.

Why Northface Solar?

We answer the phone day or night. 12 month warranty, call out service, technical support. Annual servicing.
We individually review each home to ensure optimized savings now and for the future.
Over our many years of experience in the home energy sector we have compiled a broad range of solutions to ensure we have the right solution for each customer.
We make sure the system designed for you makes themost sense for your home and wallet. We are with you through the life of the system.

Free Solar Assessment

Each home is unique. We never underestimate the importance of gathering the correct information in order to provide the best possible service.

That is why we offer a free solar assessment, enabling us to recommend the best solar option for your needs. Please complete your details and we will contact you within 24hrs to discuss your options and arrange a free site visit. We are accredited installers with the City of Cape Town and provide up to date, objective and informative information to you so that you can choose the best system for your requirements.

We are accredited by City of Cape Town

City of Cape Town

Energy saving tips

Simple and effective ways to reduce your bill.

No Cost

  • Turn your geyser down & use less hot water
  • Turn off geyser and standby appliances when you go away
  • Turn your lights off when you are not in the room
  • Remove a bulb from fittings with more than one
  • Reduce the hours your pool pump runs.

Low Cost

  • Install geyser timer
  • Fix insulation of hot water pipe and geyser
  • Use water efficient showerhead
  • Stop drafts in room you are heating