Solar Water heating

The absolute no brainer that will reduce your bill by at least 25%

  • Returns from solar hot water range from 30% to 35% and systems pay themselves off in 3-4 years
  • We provide flat plate, evacuated tube and PV collectors to suit any application
  • We can also use your existing geyser and all our solar systems come with a control and timer to manage the system and your geyser


Solar PV Panels

 Make your roof work for you by generating your electrical supply

  • Solar PV is an investment that pays cash back every month
  • Returns from solar panels range from 15% to 18% and the returns are risk free and tax free
  • It is now possible to take up to 80% – 90% of your house off the grid

Swimming pool heating

Take the edge off the temperature of your swimming pool water

  • Extend your swimming season
  • Solar panels (no electricity) and heat pumps (electric) available for all pool sizes
  • Heat pumps combine well with PV systems which can be run during the day to heat the water from solar