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Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Business.

Northface Solar is your partner for dependable solar that keeps your operations running smoothly. Say goodbye to downtime caused by load shedding or power cuts.

Load Shedding and Power Cuts affect productivity and your bottom line directly, severe load shedding now poses a new risk with severe consequences. In addition, rising electricity costs need to be managed accordingly.
Our commercial solar solutions not only solve these problems, they will also make your business more efficient and profitable.
  • No downtime, no loss of income
  • Reduced electricity costs not subject to annual price increases
  • Battery Storage solutions help with peak shaving and load clipping
  • Tax Incentives are significant
  • SSEG tariffs are also available so spare power can be fed back to the grid for credits

Why now is the perfect time to invest in your commercial solar system

  • 100% tax claim in Year 1
  • City of Cape Town solar tax benefits and incentives
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Productivity Ensured
  • SSEG tariffs for commercial businesses exporting spare power back to the grid
  • Finance options readily available
  • Gain a competitive advantage

What to expect from your commerical solar system

Investment Grade

Annual returns for 20+ years from reduced electricity bills.  Finance options available to assist with the capital outlay.


Productivity assured during load shedding and power cuts.  Fixed electricity costs assist with cash flow planning and profitability.


Significant Tax Benefits and SSEG feedback tariffs to enjoy over the weekend. Load clipping and shifting can also further reduce electricity costs. As electricity prices rise, so do your returns.


Sustainable energy for a sustainable business. You also significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Your clients will appreciate your greener brand.

Your journey to business security independence starts here

Step 1: Site visit
We always like to meet our potential commercial solar clients at the premises so we can get a good feel for the business and to fully understand their requirements. We want to meet you in person so we can appreciate what you want from your solar solution.
Step 2: Metering
In addition to analysing your last 12 months of electricity bills, or history thereof, we will also install a commercial energy monitor to track your energy usage for 7 to 10 days so we have an accurate measurement of your day and night loads as well as Weekly and Weekend loads.
Step 3: Design and Pr Eng Approval
Step 4: Presentation of proposal and costings
Step 5: Funding and finance discussion
Step 6: Approval and acceptance of proposal
Step 7: Deposit payment
Step 8: Stock purchase and installation date agreed
Step 9: Installation
Step 10: Commision and handover
Step 11: Monitoring and after sales service
Step 12: O&M contract
12kW 3-phase inverter with 30.6kWh of battery (5 x 5.1kWh)

Longbeach Medical Centre, Cape Town