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Solar PV

  • Solar PV is the generation of electricity from solar panels
  • Returns from an average Solar PV investment range from 15% to 22% and are risk and tax free
  • It truly is an investment and not a cost
  • Recent battery developments also means batteries are lasting longer
  • Some batteries will not require replacing and are also available
  • Pay off periods range from 3-5 years for grid tied systems and 8-9 years for off grid systems
  • Load shedding protection is provided when batteries are included
  • Accredited Service Providers to The City of Cape Town
  • We provide Residential, Commercial and Industrial solutions¬†
  • 2-year Workmanship Warranty and Product Warranties provided
  • Registration with City of Cape Town included
  • We measure your load profile and design each system according to your specific requirements
  • Each system is modular and can be added to at any time and as your budget allows

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