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  • Heating your geyser with solar is a great way to achieve significant savings with a relatively small investment.
  • Converting your geyser will provide a cost saving of up to 25%.  If your electricity bill is R2000, you save up to R500 each month depending on hot water usage.  
  • Hot Water Solar systems pay themselves off in 3-4 years and can be fitted to your existing geyser
  • NFS use only PV panels to produce electricity specifically for your geyser element.
  • Solar PV is much easier to work with than Solar Thermal as we do not need to move water between the geyser and the panels.  This means no pumps, valves or copper pipe which require maintenance.
  • The system is self-managing with very little to no maintenance
  • There are no overheating issues and solar PV panels last for 20 years
  • This is the most advanced solar water heating system on the market

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