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What if we told you that we can save a 3rd of water heating bills by swapping out your standard geyser element with a new generation water heating element? We talked our new Xtend Elements on the Today with Kieno Kammies show on Cape Talk Radio this morning – an element that everyone can afford, that saves our country 644kg of coal per geyser per year; an element that if every geyser in SA swapped out the old for the Xtend would mean we would not need the energy generated by two of Koeberg’s nuclear reactors – relieving pressure on our energy grid and providing substantial savings to each home, every month. 

Check out manufacturers website for full details.; for home orders, or for wholesale orders. 

Click here to listen to the interview with Director Richard Pickering: Part One – 5 mins and Part Two – 2 mins

Click here to find out more about our cost saving journey and just what the Xtend Element can do for your household.

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