NorthFace Solar is passionate about harnessing the power of nature for the greater good of our customers, communities, country and planet. Our energy solutions and highly advanced Solar Systems not only save you money but offer you independence from the grid and load shedding protection.  We provide a seamless service, from first consultation through to installation, as we deliver customised Solar Solutions designed around your unique needs and requirements.
All Northface Solar systems are modular, and you can start small and grow your system as your budget allows.

What we offer?

• If load shedding is your main concern, a UPS will provide back-up during load shedding. We use hybrid inverters so that it is then possible to add solar panels at a later stage to save money.
• If saving money is also important, you can install a solar system without batteries. However, during load shedding, the solar system will not function and you will be without power.
• Installing a full system with batteries and panels will reduce the electricity bill and protect against load shedding.
Northface Solar use hybrid inverters so it is possible to add panels and/or batteries to the system at any time. You can also add a second inverter to double your capacity.