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Discover how Northface Solar can transform your home or business with renewable energy solutions. 

Our cutting-edge solar and battery solutions ensure you are never left in the dark during load shedding again.  Join the solar revolution and reduce your reliance on Eskom.

What you can expect from Northface Solar

Northface Solar exceeded expectations and gets my seldom-issued double thumbs up award. Their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail made the installation process seamless. No snags after the installation, nor a single call in the two years of operations. No more loadshedding, and I’m reaping the benefits of sustainable energy for years to come. Thank you for your outstanding service! (10kw Panels, 15KW Battery, 8kw Inverter, and ~95% off grid)


What you can expect from your solar PV system

Your Solar System is going to be your new “Eskom” as it can generate, store and distribute power within your property, and it is also possible to export spare power back to the grid. Most important is to size your Solar PV System according to your requirements to prevent over OR under spending on the system.
A well sized, correctly designed solar system using certified solar products will provide you with long term savings and benefits, providing you with cheaper energy that is both secure and clean, so you are also helping the environment, as well as your pocket.