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Every year we save over R8 million in energy bills for our clients.  Since we took to solar we have saved over R50 million! 
NorthFace Solar is passionate about harnessing the power of nature for the greater good of our customers, communities, country and planet. Our energy solutions and highly advanced Solar Systems not only save you money but offer you independence from the grid and load shedding protection.  We provide a seamless service, from first consultation through to installation, as we deliver customised Solar Solutions designed around your unique needs and requirements.

Who We Are

Northface Solar formed in 2011 to bring education and solutions to our customer base to help them understand and reduce the cost of their utilities.  Over time, we have built a cohesive offering, using carefully sourced products that enable our customers to do the following:
  • Understand their current utility consumption
  • Identify what solutions are best suited to reduce their costs
  • Rank these by return on investment and payback time
  • Monitor and minimize the utility costs on an ongoing basis
Our primary goal is to save you money and demonstrate the financial returns available through investment in sustainable technologies and solutions.  We also know that the world cannot continue with the current wasteful approach to energy and its reliance on non-renewable resources.  So, we strive to find affordable, clever solutions using technology and renewable energy that make absolute sense and provide monthly returns on your investment.  You can make a difference and save money.
We want to build long term relationships with our clients by continually supply accurate and honest advice, excellent service and the financial returns that we promised.
What makes us different:
  • We value our client relationships above all else as their happiness is key to our success
  • Residential, Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial solutions available
  • We aim to make the energy efficiency aspect of your property easy, painless and profitable
  • Full turnkey solutions available from design, through procurement, installation and ongoing maintenance and support.
  • We perform continuous product sourcing and market analysis to ensure that we always have the latest information available for our clients.
  • We truly care and believe that if we all convert to renewable energy we can make a massive contribution to future generations.

Xtend Elements: Cape Talk Radio interview

What if we told you that we can save a 3rd of water heating bills by swapping out your standard geyser element with a new generation water heating element? We talked our new Xtend Elements on the Today with Kieno Kammies show on Cape Talk Radio this morning – an element that everyone can afford,

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